Teaching girls to have faith in themselves


Mt. Alvernia, an all-girls, private, high school in the Greater Boston area, was faced with an uphill climb of their own. The combination of a damaged brand image and an overly religious safety school reputation had led to an incoming 7th grade glass of only 17 students. If that number couldn’t be increased to at least 30 for the following year’s class, financial insolvency was all but an inevitability.

The truth of the matter—Mt. Alvernia is a fantastic school, with much to offer. They just needed the right way to show it.


Following a boat load of research; a refreshed brand image, identity, and website, and the collateral to support it (all squeezed in to a $75k budget), the school’s perception changed overnight.
• Applicants for new students increased 62%
• Enrollment increased 250% reaching 42 students for the next seventh-grade class
• And upper-class retention grew by 12%
But most importantly, morale, school spirit, and pride were higher than ever.