Bring out the bling


The exciting news was that Connoisseurs Products Corporation, the leader in the jewelry-cleaning industry, had completed development of their new diamond-cleaning product, the Diamond Dazzle Stik. The catch: they did so prior to securing any retail sell-in whatsoever. To make their seven-figure investment worthwhile and get the Dazzle Stik in stores around the country, they’d need to prove to an entire industry that there was a large market and widespread brand-affinity for a product that nobody had even heard of.
That’s where we came in.


Our strategy was to employ a non-traditional advertising approaching utilizing social media as the dominant vehicle to reach the consumer. A Facebook site was created focused on the bridal market complete with facts, tips and educational information on how to buy a diamond, expert advice, honeymoon spots, color trends, styles and fashion. To build a fan base, we used a give-away strategy, contests and fan engagment forums communicating the Diamond Dazzel Stik benefits in a series of entertaining videos, banner ads and rich media placed on the The advertising was reinforecd to the trade with analytics, collateral support and a distribution strategy to show financial commitment and support.


The viral nature of the social media strategy created a PR buzz and consumer demand obtaining 12,000 Facebook fans in 12 hours, now 45,000 strong. Due to the consumer success we achieved trade acceptance and commitment from all distribution channels (Mom & Pop,, Jewelry Chains, Big Box and Specialty Stores) to carry the product nationwide. Sales goals exceeded projections by 23%. Diamond Dazzle Stik is now carried in every major retail chain across the courntry.