A digital approach to a
traditional problem.

Increasing admissions during a pandemic

It’s tough enough to increase admissions under normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic. And with their last marking initiative coming 10 years ago, Mount Alvernia’s admission numbers had dwindled to alarming levels. Our goal was to increase the incoming ninth-grade class to 34 students from the current 17 in eighth grade. To do so we’d need to champion the values/traditions of the all-girls, Catholic
establishment while capturing the attention of young women, and inspiring them in digital landscape that was over-saturated and, frankly, chalk-full of much more interesting topics than school.

Inspiration Scholarship Program #inspireMAHS

Campaign resulted in news coverage on local TV staion

The Inspiration Scholarship was so sucessful and unique, it drew hundreds of likes, mentions and engagements on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and was highlighted on a local TV station, WCVB’s “Five For Good” segment for a one of the most uplifting stories and worthy cause for the community.