Branded Collateral


It’s like the story of Adam and Eve— the temptation is so great, the blank canvas takes on the form of a delicious red apple enticing you to grab it, devour it, indulge yourself until you’re filled with contentment. Similarly with paper companies, photographers, and printers— the temptation so enticing to over-design. You can create anything, use as many colors as you wish, choose the finest paper and hire the best photographer. No budgetary restraints. The sky’s the limit!
What does it take to achieve perfection for clients whose job it is to set the bar?


My approach is always about discipline. When we are strategically grounded in an idea, in a client’s business and to whom they are targeting the process allows us to be more cutting-edge with our creative. 10 out of 10 times, it’s about our client’s DNA, their persona, their methodology. As corny as it sounds, it’s really about the people who work there. The human element. These examples are about the people— their commitment to their craft, their determination, work ethic, honesty and dedication to be simply the best.


As the old adage goes, “Form follows function.” Although the execution is a given, it must be perfect, it’s what we say that matters. For IFP, it was about their local knowledge and how that turned into a benefit for their customers. Daniels Financial, time WAS money and their representatives would risk anything to complete a deal or a deadline. The Pony Express was a perfect metaphor to communicate the brand essence of their DNA.


Quebecor International Printing Company didn’t just put ink on paper, they solved client problems. With a tenacity and determination unlike any in the business, a simple “Can Do” attitude demonstrated their commitment to do anything for their clients. Daniels Commercial Printing had such a depth of knowledge that no matter what challenge they faced, they could solve it both on and off the printing press, resulting in higher quality pieces while saving both time and money.


Whether it’s an innovative way to purchase stock photography, show how a great idea can be emblazoned on inexpensive paper or how to market a tiny printer to be competitive with the giants of the industry, it all comes down to great work, to be thoughtful, impactful and memorable.