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Problem: Dorfman Jewelers, a second-generation, family-owned jewelry store, is known for its one-of-a-kind exclusive jewelry. As the industry evolved and a global market emerged, Dorfman Jewelers needed a revitalization of their brand to address these new dynamics, reconnect with their existing customer base and attract a new audience.

Solution: Print and direct mail campaigns synergistically communicated the feeling one would have by wearing Dorfman jewelry. Utilizing whimsical, charismatic images of women juxtaposed with striking jewelry and touting our new positioning line, “Wear it and be wonderful,” we sought to evoke the feeling of what it “felt” like to wear Dorfman jewelry. We reinforced the perception that Dorfman Jewelers are purveyors of “Haute Joaillerie” and exceptional quality pieces, a destination for exclusive, high-end jewelry and watches.

Additionally, a new website and social media initiatives were launched to connect globally and expand Dorfman’s customer base while providing relevancy and engaging their customers.




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