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Background/Situational Analysis: Commerce Insurance has been the leader in Massachusetts for both auto and home insurance with a 33% market share. In 2007, deregulation dramatically changed the Massachusetts auto insurance landscape making it attractive for national carriers to enter the market and compete for business, ultimately giving consumers choice.

Objectives: Our primary objectives were to create awareness and communicate a brand position for Commerce Insurance.

Target Insight: Quantitative research revealed consumers were confused by the plethora of deregulation messages ranging from negative advertising to scare tactics.

We also learned that most consumers thought their agents were their insurance company with little to no awareness of their carrier.

Response: We developed a brand position of reliability, expressed through the tagline: “Stay Com, you’re covered with Commerce Insurance.” This message reinforced Commerce Insurance’s commitment to guide consumers through the confusing waters of deregulation.

Our media strategy was to capture the consumer in their cars. Drive time radio, billboards and traffic sponsorships were the primary modes of communication.

Results: During the first year of our initiatives, Commerce was able to defend their leadership position, retaining their 33% market share. Research revealed an increase in consumer awareness and recall amongst the primary and secondary audiences.


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