Case Studies

Commerce Insurance

When deregulation changed the auto insurance landscape in Massachusetts and competition flourished, Commerce Insurance needed to create awareness for their brand and defend their leadership position in the marketplace. Read more

Edwards, Angell, Palmer & Dodge

A communications message was developed that highlighted the combined strengths, experience, expertise and expanded geographic reach of EAPD while retaining the same values and personal service prior to the merger. Read more

Mount Alvernia

Mount Alvernia is an independent, all-girls Christian high school in Newton, MA. Due to a declining pool of applicants and the economic recession, the school experienced a 50% reduction in seventh grade enrollment. Read more


Has disruptive advertising gone too far?
Feb 18 2013
Posted by kaminskybrandgroup

Because it’s the cup
May 05 2012
Posted by kaminskybrandgroup

My Ideal Work Day
Mar 23 2012
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