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We are a brand strategy and creative consultancy firm assisting clients in defining or redefining their brand promise. By applying the principles of branding and marketing we create integrated programs to inspire employees and motivate customers. Our systemic approach ensures consistency of message from social media to traditional advertising.

The work of The Kaminsky Brand Group does not begin with an idea. It results in one.

Uncommon emphasis is given to strategic thinking as a starting point. The creative process begins first with figuring out what it is we want to say, the other half is figuring out how to say it. Consequently, our clients are drawn into the creative process earlier than most.

It is a working style that requires a good ear, not just a good eye. It is also a working style intended to promote the singular nature of our clients rather than the individual style of the creative director.

No two Kaminsky pieces look or feel alike. They are distinctly dissimilar. This is the signature of The Kaminsky Brand Group. We remain anonymous. The client emerges as special.


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